About Kraken

About Kraken

My Story

Nancy Sapper, Kraken Brittle

Nancy Sapper
Chief Baker

Our recipes have been handed down through generations in our family. At first, it was just a special treat during the holidays. Then Nancy’s, 93-year-old mom said, “Your brittle is better than anything you can buy in stores or online. You should sell this; it will remind people of home.”

So, Kraken Brittle was born. Why the Kraken? Well brittle is brittle, so it cracks, and Nancy was an English Major, so she is all about good onomatopoeia! Crackin became Kraken, and the rest is history. Thank you for supporting my dream of Kraken Brittle, a hobby that has turned into a thriving business.

Nancy Sapper in her Kitchen
Kraken Peanut Brittle, Original Recipe

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The Process

Nancy takes simple ingredients and creates the most delicate buttery peanut brittle. Take a look at her process of creating Kraken Brittle. This is a family recipe handed down for generations. Enjoy watching her create a magical snack for all!

Simple Ingredients to create Kraken Brittle

Simple Ingrediants

Let the Magic Begin, Let's Make Kraken Brittle

Let the Magic Begin

Pouring in the Sugar to create Kraken Brittle

Pouring in the Sugar

Pouring in the Peanuts to create Kraken Brittle

Pouring in the Peanuts

In Goes the Butter to create Kraken Brittle

In Goes the Butter

In Go the Final Ingredients to create Kraken Brittle

In Go the Final Ingredients

Kraken Brittle Being Poured into the Tray to Chill

Poured in to Chill

Time to Chill the Kraken Brittle

Time to Chill

Time to Enjoy Kraken Brittle

Enjoy Kraken Brittle til it’s gone!

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

This peanut brittle is the best I’ve ever had! Absolutely delicious!

Teri K


Melt in your mouth incredible peanut brittle. Hard to buy just one bag of this stuff, SO DELICIOUS!

Shelly M


This snack is amazing! It’s perfect for a treat or party snack! Yum yum yum!

Kimberly B